There is a Renaissance ahead of the world…
Islamic state of Iran need war, and the US president want to give them this gift!
نوشته شده توسط سیاوش شهابی در Friday 27 July 2018

After Vietnam, it has been decided that American society is not to witness any more soldiers returning in body bags from far away battlefields. The price for this will now have to be paid by the unlucky civilians of that wretched country which, in the half-baked theories of Dr. Strangeloves at the National Security Council and the US State Department, is now deemed to be the bastion of the USA’s latest arch enemy and the newest leader of the ‘Evil Empire’.

The casualties that the US military avoids will instead be taken a hundred times over from innocent civilians who are barely scraping a living in a typically poor and marginal country of the world. One day, it is the Iraqi people who hit the jackpot; another day it is Libya or Afghanistan and now the talk about Iran. In the cover of darkness, from high-flying out-of-reach planes and from warships and submarines tucked away in far away oceans, they hurl tens of thousands of tons of bombs and missiles at people and their cities.

They boast that they will send the pounded country ‘back to the stone age,’ and yet they insist that the morally ‘smart’ American bombs are programmed to only hit the guilty. The aim is to intimidate; to intimidate the whole society; to rule by fear – fear of death and displacement, fear of total destruction of a whole economy and civil society; to the point where society is paralysed and resistance becomes impossible. Today, the US ground troops are only the hounds that are to bring the lifeless prey back after the shooting ends and the dust settles.

This is a power struggle and not a confrontation over Islam, liberalism, Western democracy, freedom, civilisation, security or terrorism. This is a battle between the US superpower and a regional political movement with a global reach, which is contending for power in the Middle East. It is a struggle for defining spheres of influence and political hegemony.

The West does not intend to establish Western democracies in the Middle East. Even if Islamic governments fall, the preferred alternative of the West will be the local and regional Right wing and reactionary parties, military juntas and police states.