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Mr Stone, you should support us, not them
نوشته شده توسط سیاوش شهابی در Thursday 10 May 2018

Dear Mr Stone,
As a political refugee, i can said you wrote some facts but still is not everything.

You wrote about the SAVAK Prison Museum. Let me say, in order to defend the children sentenced to death, I was subjected to the most severe torture to admit I do not believe in God! Because opposition to death is opposed to Islam and God’s law! And with my confession, they could easily execute me too. You can find a lot of human rights, workers, womans activists who have an experience like me.

Mr Stone,
We have daily labor protests in Iran. do you know? Because the government has no money to pay wages. But billions of dollars have been allocated to Islamic organizations. The cost of the military program. Consider of thefts and corruption of the heads of state. Many banks in Iran have now gone bankrupt, and many people have lost their money. And that’s not because of a normal economic crisis!

Mr Stone,
The money that Iran received after economic sanction was spent on the assad, Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist forces in the region, not on the Iranian people. Of course, Tramp’s imperial policies only lead to deterioration circumstances, and actually nobody does’t care about the Iranian people, their civil movement and their demands. the Islamic Republic’s view of the Iranian people is similar to what Israel is doing towards the Palestinian people. What happened during these few days, will only boost the Islamic Republic and further repression of the Iranian people.

Mr Stone,
Islamic terrorism is a reality. Terrorism is not the work of Moslems, but it is the official policy of the Islamic movement. This is a phoney movement created by the West at 1979 against of Iranian leftist revolution in the context of the Cold War and amidst an anti-communist confrontation with workers and freedom-lovers in the Middle East. It is a weak and frail movement. It does not enjoy serious moral and political support in the region’s major countries. It is out of step with the region’s social realities. Without the West’s support, political Islam would be defeated by socialism and secularism in the region. In Iran, which like Palestine is one of the main scenes where the fate of political Islam shall be sealed, the demise and downfall of political Islam has already began.

It must stand against all the warring countries of the region. Before that, please defend the Iranian people’s movement.
You and every human being should support this movement.